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Pegasus Bike Tours registration process will use a lottery system for tours that have more folks registering than slots available. Registrants will be notified of their tour status as either confirmed or on wait list shortly after the initial registration process closes.


How it will work: At the end of the open registration period, Pegasus Bike Tours will look at the number of registrants.

  1. If the tour is not filled at that time, all registrants will be confirmed on the tour and registration will continue on a “first come, first served“ basis.

  2. If the tour has more registrants than slots available, Pegasus Bike Tours will conduct a lottery to determine which registrants will be confirmed, the remaining registrants will be put on the wait list. The tour will be put in a “wait list only” status for any additional registrations.

  3. Some tours may have limited Single Supplements available (mainly the International Tours).  If more Single Supplements are requested than we have slots, a secondary lottery will be held for those who made the initial lottery and are also requesting the Single Supplement.


Lottery details:

  1. Registrant’s lottery numbers will be assigned in the order of their registration.

  2. The registrar will then use a random number generator to provide each registrant a priority number.

  3. Registrants will be confirmed to the tour in the order of their priority number.  Those who fail to make the initial “cut” will be placed on a Wait List, again by their priority number and confirmed to the tour as spots become available.

  4. Registrants will be given the opportunity to indicate that they want to be linked to a particular roommate in the lottery process.  In that case, roommates will have the same number in the lottery, and both will be either confirmed or wait listed together.

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