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We have always had a positive experience on Ralph & Carol's tours. Ralph is very organized, competent and caring.  We have seen first hand his ability to respond when weather, road conditions, accidents, vehicle breakdowns and other adversities could have derailed our tour. Instead he found solutions and interventions that had us still going down the road, putting miles under our wheels and smiles on our faces!

Dianne B.


There are so many of us who have really enjoyed your tours and appreciate all the effort you put into making them so wonderful.

Sabrina P.

I have ridden several tours led by Ralph and have always been pleased and impressed with the quality of leadership and organization provided by Ralph.  The pre-ride communication  and information sent by Ralph is always informative and spot-on... you can be sure a Ralph tour will not have "surprises" that occur often with other bike tours.  Accommodations, routes, support, and leadership during the tour have always been great and exactly as advertised.  I have never heard a single complaint from other riders as well.

Greg H.

You have an absolute gift for the organizing and logistics of your tours. I've always sincerely looked forward to participating in your tours!

Denny  M.

Since retiring Ralph has essentially devoted his life to the promotion of cycle touring. He is widely known, respected and loved and his tours (all the ones I have been on) have been flawlessly organized and executed and have been a delight to participate in. And Ralph is not just a leader, he is a coach, a mentor, and a cheerleader as well. He really cares about those who ride with him. His sometimes gruff exterior doesn't fool any of us. He is really just a big teddy bear with a heart of gold. He has a large and devoted set of cyclists (including me) who try to participate at least yearly in his tours.

Paul S.

I always enjoyed your company and the trip to southern Utah was probably the best organized and most fun of the 30 cycling trips I have taken in the USA.  

Alan F.

Art Evans and I had a wonderful time with you and Carol on the tandem-friendly Willamette Valley Cruise a couple of years ago, and we certainly would sign up for another of your tours again.

Linda P.

I have participated in several of Ralph's tours.  He is an excellent caring leader!  He is very flexible and makes the necessary changes due to weather and other conditions!

Carol H.

You are one of the most competent, meticulous tour leaders there is.

Peter R.

Cindy and I have always enjoyed your tours. The fact that we have done two tours with you and Carol and signed up for UT is strong evidence of our high opinion of your leadership. Your tours are always well organized, with beautiful routes and designed with our health and safety in mind.

Jeannie A.

We have been on a lot of tours with Ralph and Carol, just recently have been on four tours with them. We enjoyed all these tours immensely, they were excellently prepared and beautifully conducted, and they really brought us a lot of happiness. We cannot imagine better tour leaders than Ralph and Carol. We especially appreciate supportive and encouraging atmosphere of these tours.

Alexey M.

I know from many years of working with Ralph and going on his tours that his heart is always in the right place.  He genuinely cares about the people on his tours, does his utmost to make sure riders are safe, and works the details.  Ralph and Carol have a tremendous impact on bicycle touring in the Pacific Northwest and I support them wholeheartedly. They have enriched the cycling community here with their many, many endeavors; from leading tours, to daily rides for Cascade and COGS, to a Winter Training Series with the Randonneurs.  

Pam A.

I have been part of your posse and have completely enjoyed the tours you have put together over the years.  I have personally experienced that you have demonstrated excellent organizational skills, positive inter-action with people, always professional and most importantly you have shown concern for safety as top priority.  And ensure we have fun!

Joyce L.

You are the best bike tour leader and we have gone on more of your tours than anyone else's. We have enjoyed all of your trips and can't say enough positive things about your leadership skills..

Shannon B.

While I have met a few other tour leaders who are Ralph's equal in terms of planning and executing all of the logistics required for the success of such an endeavor, I have encountered none who have enjoyed greater success with their tours than Ralph or who have brought more energy, care and wholehearted giving of himself to his endeavors.

Sandy T.

I think that your trips are great, and I enjoy your candor and humor.

Jim C.

I have enjoyed my interractions with Ralph, and watching him so ferverently do something that he clearly loves.  In fact, Ralph’s love of cycling, and in particular leading tours, has been the subject of several discussions I have had with friends, all in similar circumstances of either being retired, or nearing the end of successful careers, thinking about retirement, and observing how others handle that huge life change.  We were all envious of Ralph’s enthusiasm, excitement, and clear willingness to jump with both feet into leading tours.  Clearly Ralph loves to cycle, as we all do, but it is also very clear that love extends well beyond enjoying cycling himself into encouraging others to do so as well.  To sum up Ralph's impact on my group, we've all stated  … “how cool is that guy … he's got life in retirement all figured out, and is having more fun than nearly anyone we’ve met.  Let's do more of his rides!!!”

Ken W.

I was on your WA/BC trip last year.  I think you are a fabulous tour leaderIn fact, after being a first time participant on one of your tours, I was determined to find other tours you were leading and hopefully "make the cut" for your trips.  You are a very organized and dedicated leader.

Melissa C.

I love being on tours with both you and Carol.  I know and could see that you loved what you were doing and took joy in assisting to make my vacation and many others a memorable one each time. 

Steve I.

Richard and I have very deliberately picked your tours because you do such a good job from cue sheets to night accommodations, to routes and handling emergencies, to covering all the minute details that make a good ride. 

Marilyn G.

I have participated in at least one bike tour every year but one since 1999.  Nearly half of those have been led by Ralph and his leadership and planning were as important to me as the selected route.  I can always count on it being well organized, thoughtfully planned for all levels of riders and, most of all, enjoyable. 

Bill H.

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